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siri let me help

Product Strategy Spotlight – Siri

Siri has a special place in everyone’s heart – remembered as their first virtual assistant and for some of her fun easter eggs (ever Siri’d “why’s a fire truck red?” – if you haven’t you should!).  Unfortunately with the progress that Google and Amazon have made since Siri’s launch she is less a source of […]

“Location” is the only thing that matters in the digital age

“There are three things that matter in property: location, location, location.” -Lord Samuel For restaurants and retail, location is considered the most important element of success.  Location is so important that companies like Starbucks employ internal data science teams and spend $12,000 minimum on site surveys to see it is perfect.  However, as important as location is for […]

4 ways to create a luxurious experience without breaking the bank

Didn’t read the intro article on achieving mass market adoption like Amazon or Google? – check it out here In life quality is king. If prices didn’t exist no one would choose a Camry over a Cadillac and the company with a better experience usually wins.  This preference for better products is seen vividly in the […]

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